How Do I Make Hockey Skates Tighter

There are a lot of different reasons why you might want to make your hockey skates feel lighter than figure skates. Perhaps you’re dealing with shin splints or your hockey skates are cumbersome and clunky, and find that this is standing in the way of your performance.

Hockey is a sport that relies a lot on speed and agility, so feeling light on your feet is an absolute must for excelling at the game. The issue of a heavy-feeling hockey skate could have to do with the natural weight of the skate or could be related to an error in your technique and wasted energy. At times, it’s a combination of these factors. Getting high quality skating gear is definitely essential to being able to move quick and maintain stability.
Let’s look at some changes you can implement to make your skates either feel lighter or physically reduce their weight. If you try each of these tips, you will eventually figure out why your skates are feeling too heavy and be able to prevent this problem in the future.

There is also a change that you don’t know how to actually tie your skates properly! 

Try Changing Out the Wheels:

If you find that you are having a hard time lifting your legs even after doing some basic warm up exercises, you might benefit from switching out your wheels to something lighter. Do some research to find out which brand to go.

Using Metal Plates in the Skates:

Another option is trying out metal plates. Although this does sound heavier at first glance, it can help you more efficiently transmit your strength to the ground. It would give your legs a break and allow them to feel lighter.

Get Enough Protein for Muscle Recovery:

What you’re dealing with may have more to do with nutrition than physical aspects of your skates. When your skates feel heavy, it can be a sign that you need more protein to rebuild your muscles, as these get ripped when you train for hockey. Try a protein drink or powder both before and after you skate and see if it makes a difference over time.

Waterproofing your Boots:

You can also try waterproofing your hockey skating boots a few times, including the laces. Too much water soaking into your boot can cause them to feel heavier as you practice, even if you don’t notice this initially.

How to Adjust the Skate’s Hardware:

When you’ve made all of the suggested changes above and still find that your boot is too heavy, it’s safe to assume that it’s related to the actual boot materials and the hardware of the skate. To investigate this throughly, you might have to disassemble it. Take a look at the only implements of your skate, including the anchors and screws holding the runner on.

If made from steel, they can be removed and replaced with aluminum or titanium substitutes, both of which are light and durable.
You might need to try a combination of these tips until you find what works for you. You may also find that going with a different brand of boots is best. Either way, don’t give up until you

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