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Goalie skates are meant to be worn by those who stand at a hockey goal. When playing as a goalie, you’ll need a good mix of both speed and stability. Keeping yourself protected from the onslaught of pucks is a concern every goalie has. Each pick that you are about to see on this list are all well-made skates for goalies.

Playing hockey as a goalie is a specific position that will require a specific pair of skates. Unlike other hockey positions, the goalie does not skate up and down the playing area. Instead, the goalie is in a standing position, only moving when the puck is close to the goal.

There are many different pairs of goalie skates on the market. Finding the right pair of skates is essential.  The best goalie skate picks can be seen in the list below. In addition to providing more information over each pair of skates, each entry will have their own pros/cons.

Helping you to make a more informed decision, you’ll also enjoy the product guide for these types of skates below. Without further adieu, here are the picks for the best goalie skates.

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Top 5 Best Goalie Skates

1 (Most Expensive)Bauer Reactor 6000
2 CCM RBZ 90
3 (Best Value)Bauer Supreme 150 Senior
4Bauer Supreme One
5 (Best Inline Goalie)Tour Hockey Inline Skate

1. Bauer Reactor 6000 Goalie Skates (Highest Quality) Bauer Reactor 6000 Goalie skating review    

One of the most important concerns for goalies is comfort. You’re going to be guarding a goal for the duration of a game, meaning you’ll be standing in one spot. Luckily, the Bauer Reactor 6000 skates feature an extended pro tongue and lightweight mesh uppers.

The reduced Vertexx cowling makes for a skate that doesn’t feel like it is weighing you down. The Clarino leather liner adds an extra touch of class to these incredibly well-made goalie skates.

Bauer Reactor 6000 Goalie Skates (Highest Quality)

The Clarino leather liner adds an extra touch of class to these incredibly well-made goalie skates.



  • Flex Tendon Collar – This specially made collar is perfect for allowing better overall skate position. Having a good degree of flexibility is essential to find in a good goalie skate.
  • Replaceable Blades – Most skates will have you buying a new pair, once the blades dull. However, the Bauer Reactor skates allow you to remove and replace the blades.
  • Vented Skate – The venting on these skates works extremely well for letting your feet breathe.


  • Snug Sizing – It has been reported that these skates are sized a bit narrow. If you have wider or, flat feet, you might want to look at a different pair of skates.

2. CCM RBZ 90 Goalie Skates CCM RBZ Skate Reviews

The CCM RBZ 90 Goalie Skates were created with speed in mind. Any goalie will be pleased to find that these skates have Action Form Composite paneling, along with Poron memory foam. Having a boot torque on you when you’re trying to push off can be annoying.

The CCM RBZ 90 skates have a durable Surlyn midsole to provide you with better and more balanced footing. This lightweight goalie skate is perfect for offering both speed and stability.

CCM RBZ 90 Goalie Skates

This lightweight goalie skate is perfect for offering both speed and stability.



  • Heat Moldable Padding – Having padding that custom fits to the heat of your feet is a feature you will wish all skates had.
  • Lightweight Cowling – No goalie wants to feel too weighed down. The lightweight cowl of these skates makes them feel lighter than most other goalie footwear.


  • Stock Issues – These skates are incredibly tough to find in stock, consider getting them if you see they are available.

3. Bauer Supreme 150 Senior Ice Hockey Skates (BEST VALUE) Bauer Youth Supreme 140 Skate

The Bauer brand has been synonymous with well-made skates for decades. The Supreme 150 skates offer a slightly wider fit than other goalie skates. If you find that other goalie skates are too narrow and are bothersome to wear, consider checking out the Supreme 150.

The extra memory foam ankle padding is great for those games that go longer than normal. One of the most common ailments that goalies face is the dreaded lace bite. Having laces that cause pain in your foot can ruin any skating session. The metatarsal guard of the Supreme 150 does well to guard your legs against the pain of lace bite. You can also find a version of these skates which are great for kids

Bauer Supreme 150 Senior Ice Hockey Skates (BEST VALUE)

The metatarsal guard of the Supreme 150 does well to guard your legs against the pain of lace bite



  • Hydrophobic Microfiber Lining – Made to keep you cool, the lining of the Supreme 150 is made of a super thin microfiber material.
  • No More Lace Bite – When your boot laces constrict your leg muscles lace bite occurs. The design of the Bauer Supreme line ensures that your feet have enough room to move.


  • Slight Bunching of Foot Inserts – A few customers have reported that their inserts bunch up on them regularly. If you find that bunching is occurring while wearing these skates, simply get another pair of inserts.

4. Bauer Supreme One.7 Senior Hockey Skate Bauer Supreme Skate Review

Looking at this list, it’s easy to see that Bauer delivers a quality skate. The Supreme One.7 is a mid-price skate that offers features usually seen in higher priced footwear. Anaform-fit pads that fit around the ankle offer supreme comfort.

The Form-Fit footbed is great for helping to provide you with increased stability. When guarding a goal, keeping your feet stabilized is essential. These skates were built to provide with a speedy but stable skating experience.

Bauer Supreme One.7 Senior Hockey Skate

These skates were built to provide with a speedy but stable skating experience.



  • TUUK Lightspeed Holders – These holders will ensure that your blades are kept straightened and firmly in place!
  • Metatarsal Guard – This high-density guard protects you against pucks flying at your feet.


  • Not Great for Beginner Skaters – The Bauer Supreme One.7 skates are highly advanced. Beginning skaters may need a skate that is more suited to their skill level.

5. Tour Hockey 74GL-075 FB-LG72 Goalie Inline Hockey Skate top quality inline hockey goalie skates

Not every goalie will be playing this position on the ice. Hockey that isn’t played on ice will require skates with wheels. The Tour brand has created a superb pair of inline goalie skates. Featuring a sleek Predator 9 frame, Tour has created one cool looking skate.

This FB-LG72 model has Compweave quarter construction, which offers extra protection while still staying comfortable. DryWick lining ensures that your feet won’t be soaked with sweat while guarding the goal.

Tour Hockey 74GL-075 FB-LG72 Goalie Inline Hockey Skate

This FB-LG72 model has Compweave quarter construction, which offers extra protection while still staying comfortable.



  • DryWick Lining – The lining in the FB-LG72 skates keeps your feet nice and dry for prolonged periods of time.
  • Reinforced Ankle Stabilizers – Rolling your ankle in skates can be incredibly painful. Luckily, the extra ankle stability that these skates offer should give you extra peace of mind.


  • Bulky – These skates are on the bulkier side, it may take time to get used to the feel of these skates.

Goalie Skate Product Buying Guide

Selecting the right goalie skate is a very important choice. One main aspect that you will want to have taken care of is comfort. Many skates featured on this list will offer extra protection where it counts. Any goalie will need extra tongue protection to ensure they are protected from pucks coming their way.  Another crucial concern is the flexibility of a pair of goalie skates.

You’ll find yourself needing to make a few quick saves on the ice. If you’re stuck in a rigid skate, you’ll often feel like some sort of statue. Always look for a goalie skate that offers improved flexibility and work well with wide and narrow feet

When selecting the right goalie skate, there are a few brands that deserve special mention. The following brands made this list because they offer a superior skate when compared to other brands.

First and foremost, the Bauer brand is the most popular brand for quality goalie skates. However, that isn’t to say that there aren’t other brands creating awesome skates for goalies. Two other brands that make especially great skates would be CCM and Tour Hockey.

Most goalie skates will be made to be taken out on the ice and will have blades. However, there are still many people who prefer to play on non-ice surfaces. Playing on a surface that isn’t made of ice will require your skates to use wheels. For any goalies that need wheeled skates, there is a special pick on this list that you will enjoy.


A goalie is one of the most important positions to play in a hockey game. When you are out on the ice (or playing on any other surface) protection against flying pucks is essential. The Bauer brand is a popular choice, as they have been creating great goalie skates for years. However, there are other brands, besides Bauer, that design and manufacture quality skates for goalies. CCM and Tour Hockey were two brands that ranked especially high on this list.

Since you will likely be standing in one place for prolonged periods of time, comfort is a must when selecting a pair of skates. In addition, you’ll want to find a good mixture of quality, range of motion and durable foot/leg protection. Lace bite, otherwise known as the pain that occurs when boots are laced too tight, will be an ailment you do not want to suffer from.

Lace bite and being a goalie often go hand-in-hand. However, each pair of goalie skates on this list were made to decrease the probability that you’ll suffer from the dreaded lace bite.

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